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Retreat Dharma Talks at Dharmagiri

Healing the Cracks: Generosity and Interdependence

"The human mind is the point in the universe that can reflect, review and understand. The result of this is to realize how much is given. Consequently it becomes natural for us to be generous, loving and compassionate."

"Everything we come into contact with can be sensed as a mere object, and measured in terms of our wishes and opinions. This is ignorance. In reality every created thing is a subject in a cosmos of interacting subjects. Whatever is taken as an object - the earth and its creatures, other people, and finally our own bodies and minds - becomes liable to abuse. This 'objectifying' is the source of both our demonic power and our terrible loneliness and hunger. But it doesn't have to be this way."

2016-03-11 (7 days) Dharmagiri

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2016-03-14 Breath Meditation 27:08
Ajahn Sucitto
Calming body and mind formations Buoyancy, ease, uplift, steadiness Spacious knowing Insight, dispassion Contemplation of conditionality Latent tendencies
2016-03-15 To Others As to Myself 33:32
Ajahn Sucitto
Calm (samatha) & View (vipassana) Healing of body, heart, mind fields (kaya, citta, vaci) Cracks between self and other Moving out of abstraction To not be broken by unpleasant feeling To others as to myself
2016-03-15 Spheres of Awareness 55:42
Ajahn Sucitto
Softening boundaries Unskillful and skillful abstraction Objectification Friendship with the lovely Supports for entering the stream Buddha, & archetypal mother and father Recollection of death Not being good enough
2016-03-15 Untangling the Afflicted Mind 39:58
Ajahn Sucitto
The Brahma Viharas Intentionality Refreshing mind and body Not being fixated on suffering Attention amplifies Energetic shift out of patterning Opening to pain is already goodwill Harmlessness
2016-03-16 Healing the Crack Between the Experiencer and Experience 36:36
Ajahn Sucitto
The Sankhara of Being Socialized Chasing the image - the "it" How can "I' watch "my" mind? Am I the watcher or the watched? Coming out of relationship to self as "it" Contact, feeling, perception, papanca Abandoning the struggle Pragmatic love
2016-03-16 The 'Looking Down' Abstractor 54:52
Ajahn Sucitto
Nama-rupa Tathagata dwells "such" Sankhara - programs of self Modes of attention Viveka - Stepping back Two great abstractors: Self & Money Self and money are everywhere and nowhere Abandonment, surrender The ending of designations
2016-03-16 Lying Down Meditation & Being in Nature Meditation 12:04
Ajahn Sucitto
2016-03-16 The Climate is in Trouble 42:00
Ajahn Sucitto
Systems change Power of collaborative community Being with nature Decaying city; Alive forest Humans: Doing our bit Despair is pointless
2016-03-17 Planting a Wisdom Seed 18:51
Ajahn Sucitto
Being embodied Function of wisdom: pruning away what is not necessary Awareness as central Planting a wisdom seed from wise awareness
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