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Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks at Dharmagiri
Ajahn Sucitto
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2020-02-06 Kamma and Saṇkhāra 46:33
We might experience running down familiar emotional tracks (saṇkhāra). Tracks get laid down by the repeated and habitual reactions to contact (kamma). To clear disturbing and negative tracks, widen attention and check the habitual impulse. The mind naturally seeks harmony and balance. Listen deeply for its response.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-06 Natural Walking 11:13
Natural walking has a smooth and self-synchronizing quality. It gives the mind a place to sit where it feels satisfied and doesn’t run out. This is the direction of samādhi.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-06 3 Channels for Energy 29:57
There is a 3-fold system through which energy operates: bodily, conceptual and emotive. As we practice to resolve and release negative energies, we need resources. Bringing together the 3 aspects of body, mind and heart provide a way to open channels to drain and release unresolved energies.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-05 Firm Centre Open Heart 60:00
How to arrive at a grounded centre and undefended heart? Generally, attempts to firm up involve holding on or hardening the exterior that inhibit the heart’s opening. Instead, a shifting of attention and energy is suggested. Three reference points are offered to support this shift: food, work and rest.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-05 Centring through Standing Meditation 13:40
In standing meditation we’re not waiting for anything, not going anywhere, but centring. Tracking up the body, we can locate and unlock potentials for space so energy can travel.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-05 Cultivation of Dhamma 53:19
We practice Dhamma to clear through distortions and disturbances that become established. It takes training – setting aside what’s not needed and cultivating receptivity. Then what has always been there – the qualities of citta – are revealed.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-05 Chanting Brings Breath and Sound Together 45:50
The main quality of chanting is spreading energy to the body and space around. We use sound to send out heart energy. Practice with bringing breath and sound together is provided. Overview of Pāli pronunciation and explanation of puja follow.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-05 Establishing a Firm Centre 12:13
Instructions for using body and breathing to establish a firm centre that’s also open. Building firmness from the ground up, releasing congestion through the out breath, drawing in fresh energy with the in breath.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-04 Guided Meditation: Settling into Body 19:26
Where attention goes, that’s where energy goes. Disengaging and restraining from what’s not needed now, we draw awareness to what it is to be in this body. Body and mind unify around breath energy.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart
2020-02-04 Precepts –Fundamental Principles for Purification 37:20
The heart has tremendous potential for good or bad. We practice to clean up unfortunate effects that get established on it. Principles of respect, restraint and compassion are not only foundations for heart cultivation, but offerings to the world.
Dharmagiri Firm Center, Open Heart

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